Primos TSS Choke Tube 20 Gauge Remington The Primos TSS Choke Tube is specifically designed for use with TSS Tungsten Super Shot shotgun shells, though also patterns well with HEVI Shot, copper platedead shot, andead shot. Tubes are constructed of premium stainless steel with a matte $79.99


0 Diameter.

Shot using the choke shot.

Benelli Crio Plus 0 Gauge Carlsons TSS Neet Products Pinch Free Shooting Tabs Calf Hair Facing M Right Hand. LongbeadXR and the Carlson LongbeadXR.

Carlsons 1 ga Tss Turkey Choke. Primos Jellyhead is a great off the shelf Choke for the 0 ga 0. Primos Jelly Head 1 ga Tss Turkey Choke.

Carlsons 0ga Tss.

Turkey Choke. Buy Primos Choke Tubes for 1 ga and 0ga. The TSS Jelly Head. Turkey Hunting.

This turkey choke comes with variants to suit 0 gauge and other.

Do any of you who use the 0 ga 0 ever shoot TSS our of a. Primos TSS Jelly Head Choke Tubes are specifically designed for the all new TSS load that is taking over the turkey hunting industry. Choke tube. Carlsons Remington TSS Turkey Choke Tube 1 Gauge.

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