Lindy Floating Rig Fluorescent OrangeFluorescent Yellow In snaggy situations, theindy Floating Rigifts your crawler oreech above obstacles while keeping it in view of your next big catch. This is the original top qualityindy Rig, enhanced with a sliding, high riding fluorescent float that also pro $3.19

As Spot and Kingfish Features plated hook barrel swivel. Original Rig.

Plenty of walleye rigs here from reputable brands like Walleye Nation Lindy Northland single hooks. Floating Rig Lime Fluorescent Yellow Crawler Leech Hook. Get the best deal for Walleye Fishing Rigs Harnesses from the largest.

Fluorescent red and yellow cylinder float Ideal rig for small to medium size fish such as Spot and Kingfish Features plated hook barrel swivel. Move the adjustable high vis float up or down the snell.

Holds bait off bottom at depth of choice Adjustable Snell Float Available in four colors Strip Card Available. Floating Rig Fluorescent Orangefluorescent Yellow.

Little Fluorescent Yellow Lindy Floating Rig Fluorescent Orangefluorescent Yellow Floating Worm Harness Spinner. Floating Rig Fluorescent Yellow. This is the original top quality Rig enhanced with a sliding high riding fluorescent float that also provides a splash of vivid color to attract walleye Rosco Barrel Swivels And Coastlock Snaps.

Gambler Flappn Bleeding Watermelon Kalins Clacker Rigs Muzzy Quick Release. Floating Rig Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Yellow Minnow Hook Zoom Baby Brush Hog 4 Okeechobee Craw.

Specifications For off bottom or suspended walleyes the Floating Rig rises to the occasion.

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